Thing Lifecycle Management
Purchasing data - price, purchase date, specs and warranty - is a critical first step in asset management. Oomnitza partners with leading resellers and OEMs to make it easy to pull in that information.
Use our customizable and configurable mobile app to zap the serial numbers and automatically change the asset’s status as the machines are unboxed. Run a discrepancy report to make sure that you received exactly what you paid for.
Oomnitza automates forecasting helping you stay ahead of your inventory needs without overbuying. We integrate with your user directories, so you can automate the work around assigning new machines to new employees.
Oomnitza partners with leading system management and IoT performance monitoring tools to monitor if your machines are working, if they need maintenance, if you have unused machines, and if there are security concerns in your environment.
Machines will break, need upgrades, need new software and need to be reassigned to different users or tasks. Oomnitza automates these processes and ties into leading service desks to save time and provide higher quality service.
End of Life
Oomnitza works with leading recycling / resale / disposal services to help you get maximum value for your assets while eliminating security risks and protecting the environment. Receive a certificate of destruction that you can tie to the asset and store in Oomnitza.